Randall McRoberts

Randall McRoberts

My platforms


Inbox - Todoist, Agenda

Ebooks - always go with Logos first because of notes, Kindle; avoid iBooks

Kindle notes and highlights - Bookcision bookmarklet in Chrome browser

Music - iTunes Music

Making music - Reason. I’ve tried Pro Tools. Not worth the expense of a subscription. Still have Logic Pro if needed. Reason should be good for most stuff.

Todo - Todoist

Read later - Reading list

Light Word processing - Microsoft Office

Academic word processing - Mellel, Mellel iPad synced via iCloud

Reading Notes - Agenda→Devonthink

Shared lists - Reminders

DAM - Lightroom; I am on a path of obviating Lightroom for Photos. Just about there. I have until October to prove the concept.

Photo printing - MPix

Cloud storage - iCloud, OneDrive

Reading list - Sente stopped syncing. Using Bookends.

PDF management - Devonthink (icloud sync); Bookends

Photo backup - Backblaze and internal backups for full sized; Offsite system backup - Backblaze; Photos; Dropped Google Photos. keeping Dropbox and OneDrive; Photos backed up in iCloud.

Info database - Devonthink

Papers - Bookends

Text notes — Agenda

Keep ipad minimal; load iPhone with anything you want

Text expansion - Keyboard Maestro (went away from Text Expander because of subscription model); works fine, but not as easy to set up new shortcuts; going with atext.

Ultimate is great at removing DRM from Kindle books and making them PDFs. I have not yet been very successful at turning them into DOCX and then into Logos Personal Books. That’s the grail.

Randall McRoberts

Made in Indiana