Randall McRoberts

Randall McRoberts

Here is my more or less up to date platform document. Lots of angst has gone into these decisions, and there have been tons of changes over the last couple years.

Ebooks - always go with Logos first because of notes, Kindle; avoid iBooks
Kindle notes and highlights - Bookcision bookmarklet in Chrome browser
Music - iTunes Music
Making music - Reason. I’ve tried Pro Tools. Not worth the expense of a subscription. Still have Logic Pro if needed. Reason should be good for most stuff. (Tuesday, April 18, 2017)
Todo - Reminders
Read later - Instapaper Light Word processing - Microsoft Office
Academic word processing - Mellel, Mellel iPad synced via iCloud
Reading Notes - Notes→Devonthink
Shared lists - Reminders
DAM - Lightroom; I am on a path of obviating Lightroom for Photos. Just about there. I have until October to prove the concept. Done, as of 02 August 2018
Photo printing - MPix
Cloud storage - iCloud, OneDrive
Reading list - Sente stopped syncing. Using Bookends.
PDF management - Devonthink (icloud sync); Bookends
Photo backup - Backblaze and internal backups for full sized; Offsite system backup - Backblaze; Photos; Dropped Google Photos. keeping Dropbox and OneDrive; Photos backed up in iCloud.
Info database - Devonthink
Papers - Bookends
Text notes — Notes
Keep ipad minimal; load iPhone with anything you want
Text expansion - Keyboard Maestro (went away from Text Expander because of subscription model); works fine, but not as easy to set up new shortcuts; going with atext. 4 August 2018 I’m back with Text Expander.
Ultimate is great at removing DRM from Kindle books and making them PDFs. I have not yet been very successful at turning them into DOCX and then into Logos Personal Books. That’s the grail.

The document is a mess because of changes in tools and inconsistencies in the documenter.

Randall McRoberts

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