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I started blogging in 2001. I had The Upward Way Press, then Bible Study Geek, and finally Postmodern Prophet. I also had a couple of group blogs that never really took off.

Additionally, I was part of another group blog for many years, The Boars Head Tavern, run by the late Michael Spencer. That was a great community of folks who could argue with one another and only rarely lose control of emotions. A real highlight of my life.

When Twitter started to take off, many of the Boars Head folks started to use it, and Michael worried that Twitter would kill the Tavern.

In a way it did. It was greatly diminished in the final years before Michael died of cancer. We tried to keep it going post-Michael, but gave it up after a year or so.

I myself have been a big user of Twitter. Facebook was for keeping up with family and friends, but Twitter was for good and meaningful conversation. I relied on Twitter and all my blogging really dropped off.

I didn’t see the danger of Twitter. I thought of it as a neutral platform. But it turns out that Twitter wanted to be the whole internet. So did Facebook. I got out of both of them.

On reflection, I think we had things pretty much right before Facebook and Twitter screwed it all up. People I wanted to converse with about serious—mostly—subjects had blogs, or at least commented on other blogs. The conversation took place in the moderated comments, or sometimes in linked blog posts.

Most bloggers also provided a blogroll that allowed me to find other interesting people to converse with. Discovery happened rather organically.

I was among many other bloggers who took it a little further and tried to provide directories to useful websites for my subjects of interest. When Google came along, directories like mine were pretty well obviated. And who knew that Google would also become a problem, with their mantra of “Do no evil”?

Now that more and more people are observing the issues with Twitter and Facebook, we are starting to see a move back to blogging as we knew it ten years ago. I am happy about that. I am hoping that 2010 will be reproduced in 2020. I rue the wasted years.

I think I’ll set this up to crosspost to my dormant Twitter account, just in case someone there hasn’t got the word yet.

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