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Apple Music’s Chill Mix this week starts with Steely Dan, so you know it’s good.

Late Winter on the Pond

I used to be something of a weather hobbyist. Had access to all kinds of models and stuff. Lately I don’t care much about it. I think it’s because I work from home and just don’t get out much. The weather doesn’t much affect me.

Yancey - When will the shooting start?

So Nice

This Jesus puzzles us, of course. He seems so nice; we can’t imagine why he doesn’t answer all our prayers or why he allows evil to run free. Consequently, we have our doubts, like everyone else in this age, wondering how a congenial Lord can be, well, so inattentive. Maybe he’s not really in charge after all. Then suddenly our faith is bolstered by an inspirational best seller about the best life or the purpose-driven life or the border-expanding life, and we’re ready to be patient with Jesus a little longer—as long as he keeps us feeling good about ourselves and optimistic about tomorrow.

—Mark Galli, “Jesus Mean and Wild: The Unexpected Love of an Untamable God”

Eager to try out my Oly 17mm f/1.2 PRO.

Real Shoes 5

50 mph gusts on trash day. Always entertaining.

Real Shoes 4

Using it up!

Knox Kelly, son of Joe, has a favorite team and it isn’t the Dodgers.

Real Shoes 3

Even I have a couple Kawecos. A Sport and an AL Sport. Never use them for anything but testing to see if they still work. Someday Maybe.

Real Shoes 2

Ides and Tides - Kunstler

Here’s what’s actually going on in that beast known as The Economy: Globalism is winding down as a decade of Central Bank machinations reach their limits of deception, leaving the major trading nations with little more than comparative disadvantages. Europe is dissolving into political chaos. Japan is cannibalizing itself in preparation for its return to the Tokugawa shogunate. China is groaning with factories that turn out too much stuff; America is groaning with so much of that stuff that it’s turning into Yard Sale Nation. In the background of all that are the problematic flows of oil on tankers through dangerous chokepoints like the Straits of Molucca and the Straits of Hormuz, with a looming horizon on the supply as US shale oil production chokes to death on unpayable debt.

Real Shoes 1

Terpstra - The ultimate guide to DuckDuckGo


Sometimes I like to go out with a single fixed focal length lens and make some photos.

Back in the day, I sometimes tried to play a hole or three on a familiar course with a single club, say a five-iron, or a seven-iron.

The golf challenge was harder than the photo one.

Type C

Whitewash Job

Trying to decide whether to keep my Idagio subscription. I love the service and classical music on Apple Music is a mess, but another $10 a month …

Ford Meter Box 00

Writing on the Wall

Is this polar vortex thing part of global warming? I’m not in favor.

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