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Toward Higher Ground

Dip in the Road for @omni

Machado to San Diego. That makes me happier than you could imagine. Except for the rare interleague series, I’ll never have to pay attention to him ever again.


General-purpose computers are terrible for creativity [Opinion] - Cult of Mac

Probably not a cause for celebration for most people, but today I got a portable power wheelchair. I can walk just fine but can’t stay on my feet long because of anemia associated with blood cancer. This should enable me to do more photography than I could the last couple years.

Lotsa Leaves

As for me, if I stumble, the mercies of God shall be my salvation always;
and if I fall in the sin of the flesh, in the justice of God, which endures eternally, shall my judgment be;
if my distress commences, he will free my soul from the pit and make my steps steady on the path;
he will draw me near in his mercies, and by kindnesses set in motion my judgment;
he will judge me in the justice of his truth, and in his plentiful goodness always atone for all my sins;
in his justice he will cleanse me from the uncleanness of the human being and from the sin of the sons of man, so that I can give God thanks for his justice and The Highest for his majesty.

1QS 11:12-15, Rule of Community

Florentino Garcı́a Martı́nez and Eibert J. C. Tigchelaar, “The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition (translations)” (Leiden; New York: Brill, 1997–1998), 99.

You know what, there is a lot of grace in there.

Do Not Enter

Bomb Threat Hoaxer Exposed by Hacked Gaming Site — Krebs on Security

So, no Amazon HQ in NY after all. Oh well. The lefties take on some strange projects.

If you shoot Oly cameras like I do, you might like this website:


Lots and lots of passion on display.

Small Town Reflections

Suburban Decay

Not a fan of the tip jar model. Guess I’ll use the native iOS Micro.blog app.

. @ayjay

Text Files

The combo of Notebooks on Mac and 1Writer on iOS is working great for me. Neither app messes in any way with the plain text files and neither causes issues with iCloud when files are edited with the other or with BBEdit. It took lots of tests and trials to find the right combo, including rebooting iCloud several times, which is a major pain.

Wow. Karibiner has a whole bunch of importable key modifications: pqrs.org/osx/karab…

Nobody believes this when I tell them, so I suspect I’ll have the same response here.

The best K-cups I have found (and I’ve tried lots and lots of them) come from Walmart, their Great Value brand. The Colombian cups are superb, as good as any K-cup I’ve had, and the price is 26 cents per cup when you buy the big box.

Furthermore, if you don’t like going into Walmart, as I don’y, you can mailorder them and get free shipping for any order over $35. Two big boxes are $50 and keep me and my massive addiction supplied for over a month.

Weathered Door

When I was a kid, this door led into the cobbler’s shop. Mr, Darnell, of whom I was greatly frightened, would take our shoes and repair the heels or soles as needed. I can still smell the place in my mind.

Silent Sentinel

Old Tree

Church in the City

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