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Law vs liberty? It’s a false comparison. No religion can be summed up in a single word. Use your noodle.

These 3 Former Kansas Republicans Say They No Longer Felt At Home In The GOP - NPR

See what happens?

I drink six cups of coffee every day. I have to pace myself, or I would drink eight or nine. This daggone blood cancer doesn’t allow the caffeine to have any effect whatsoever.

I am undertaking to reread “Paul and Palestinian Judaism” (EP Sanders). I read it last no later than the early 80s, when it was a fairly new book with fairly controversial reception. Since then it has revolutionized NT studies for all but the Truly Reformed (TR).

We had a home town dinner this evening. 705E2C57-1EC5-4422-86E1-DD1AFA2406BA.jpg

Imagine a world without ads targeted by personal information - Signal v. Noise

My Switchfoot playlist is eight and a half hours long, perfect for a day’s work. Best used with Shuffle All. 🎵

I’m really enjoying the new Switchfoot album. Hallelujah nevertheless.

Spots Spots

Little Jungle Little Jungle

I guess I like Slack’s new logo and icon well enough, but I couldn’t see making a major deal out of it and I see no value added.

Guess what? I read “Pride and Prejudice” for the first time in my life at age 66. I enjoyed it, though it seems sort of like a 200-year-old romance novel. I guess I am now free to read “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”.

Deliveries Only

Deliveries Only


Staircase, Lightbulbs, and DandelionsStaircase, Lightbulbs, and Dandelions

“If you look at lists of the world’s most valuable companies over the past decade, you’ll find the ones that engage in surveillance capitalism: Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Apple is the exception; it makes its money only by selling hardware, and that’s why its prices are higher than the competition’s.”

– Bruce Schneier, Click Here to Kill Everybody

The Capone, Primanti Bros
Capricola, salami, Italian sausage, provolone

“We all live the little stories of our own lives on the assumption of some larger story that makes sense to us, or that makes enough sense to allow us to think it is probably, on balance, worth going on living. That is true even if you have to make such a story up for yourself rather than seeing yourself within a grand story that transcends your own life, and transcends even the material universe.”

Chris Wright, The Mission of God’s People.

The Internet Is A Privacy Disaster. But We Still Don’t Know How To Talk About It.

“The real scandal isn’t a semantic quibbling over whether a specific terms of service agreement or partnership program is exploitative — it’s that such agreements are the norm. Handing over at least some of your personal data is table stakes for participation in today’s internet. That transaction appears simple, but it’s extraordinarily complex, particularly given the pace of innovation and how quickly it can change what can be done with our data.”

It’s the Ecosystem, Stupid - The Mac Security Blog

“Apple has built a powerful ecosystem that combines hardware, software, and services, but they need to better communicate this to users.”

I’m listening to the 2014 U2 album. Isn’t that the one Apple put in iTunes without me asking for it? I really like it.

The thing I enjoy most about my group of friends on Micro.blog is that they change apps and systems even more often than I do.

Brick Wall and a Log

When Chinese hackers declared war on the rest of us - MIT Technology Review

“Many thought the internet would bring democracy to China. Instead it empowered rampant government oppression, and now the censors are turning their attention to the rest of the world.”

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