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Randall McRoberts

Canoes in the Distance - LFMS

I have not been very photoactive in the last few weeks. Sometimes my health trumps everything else. But a couple days ago we drove through the park and I made a few shots.

I’m thinking of turning my Looking for my Shot podcast into more of a blog. This is the first post.

In Eagle Creek Park, the center of focus is the reservoir that provides household water to most of our area. It is a nice lake. Motor boats are allowed, but there is a 10 hp limit, so no skiing and fooling around. Part of the lake is divided off by a causeway as a nature preserve and there is a wonderful trail that goes across the causeway around that portion of the lake. The climbing down the lake and back up again is too much for me now, but that trail is probably my favorite of all time. We used to walk a lot.

This shot is from a spot where the road comes close to the lake, not far from the nature preserve. The only boats I saw were canoes. The sun was making nice sparkles on the water. But, to me, the star of the show was the sky. After the gloomy weather we have had most of the spring, and nice sunny sky is a welcome sight.

Canoes in the distance
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