Randall McRoberts

Randall McRoberts

Looking for my Shot - Episode 004

Episode 004

  • Welcome to Episode 4 of Looking for my Shot, where I talk about my photography.
  • Really lousy weather on Saturday. Wet and cold. Not in the mood for that.
  • Sunday was Easter and I didn’t want to get out, even though the weather had changed to a pretty nice day.
  • On Monday I saw an article on Petapixel entitled “5 Macro Ideas to Shoot at Home”. The article was pretty inspiring, so I decided to do a macro project this week. Not really reliant on the article for anything but the idea.
  • But before we talk about the project, I have a couple other thoughts to share.
  • I said last week that I do my photography for myself, and that’s true to some extent. But have been reading some stuff by Brooks Jensen and have come to realize that I do want other people to see my photos and I’d prefer if at least some of them like it. Just being honest.
  • What do I want? I’m not saying, hey look at me. And I definitely don’t want you to think I just have a good camera. I want the photo to please you, to make you smile. That’s all.
  • Also, I have entered the photo printing world since the last podcast. I made black and white prints back in the darkroom days and I’ve printed a few photos on my regular old inkjet printer. But now I have a photo-centric inkjet printer and I’m starting to learn about the complications of printing photographs. I’ll probably talk about that sometime in the future.
  • Now to the project of the week. I am finding it quite stimulating to think in terms of five photos for a week.

Macro Project 1 - Audio components

Macro project 1 A switch where my headphones plug into the audio system of my computer. Dust and all. I like the detail and the contrast.

Macro Project 2 - Houseplant

Macro project 2 Nice colors in this plant. I stopped down to get a lot more depth of field tham I usually see in macro shots.

Macro Project 3 - Envelope

Macro project 3 Almost kind of retro with the colors. It’s a monochrome presentation of a monochrome subject. Could almost be an icon.

Macro Project 4 - Kiss

Macro project 4 Dud of the week. Not a milk dud, either. Love the shades of green.

Macro Project 5 - Pocket Knife

Macro project 5 Here’s looking at you, kid. I love industrial-looking detail shots.

OK. Next week, maybe, a landscape project.

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