Randall McRoberts

Randall McRoberts

Looking for my Shot, Episode 001

Looking for My Shot, Episode 1

  • New podcast focused on photography
  • Inspired by
  • Not even sure what the title will be
    • Thought about “Randy Photos” for SEO, but I don’t care about SEO
    • Might start with something like Looking for My Shot
    • It will be always pretty short
  • I am an amateur.
    • I do it for love.
    • I have sold some photos, but that is not my purpose.
  • Typical photography
    • Micro 4/3
    • Small towns, especially alleys, brick buildings, suburban decay.
    • Recently got a 17 mm lens and trying to learn to see things through that lens.
      • In the past, most with 14-42 mm lens, but it makes me lazy with framing.
    • I also like close up photography of architectural details and plants and flowers.
  • Weekly projects
    • This week I’m posting photos from a trip to downtown Indy, to the White River Gardens
    • Used a 60mm macro lens for all the shots
      • Background out of focus
      • Ability to focus closely
      • Not really macro shots, though. Just handheld shots, some closer up.
    • Hoping for butterfly shots, but they were sparser than they will be later and kind of bedraggled
    • Shoot what you find
      • Plants and flowers
      • Goldfish in pond
      • Weird growth patterns
      • Anything unusual: juxtaposition, strange composition, etc.
    • My worst shot ended up in Flickr Explore on Friday. If you can figure out the algorithm for that thing, please let me know.
    • I’ll post my week’s photos in the show notes, along with links so you can find me.
    • Also, I got a nice shot of the bluebird that came to our feeder. We love bluebirds but don’t see them often. I’ll share that shot too.
    • Look me up on Flickr. Not on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.




WRG 4 (This is the one that made it to Explore in Flickr.)



Our bluebird

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