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The sportswriters need a TextExpander snippet for “error by Gary Sanchez”.

Benton County, Indiana, in a single photo

What do you folks think of NT Wright? I’m kind of a fanboi.

How many micro.bloggers are sound designing their podcasts? castro.fm/episode/l…

Small Town Indiana

The Battle Cry of the Reformation and the Surrender of Greek and Hebrew

“Evangelical churches are frequently seeking pastors who have amazing speaking abilities, but who can’t exegete their way out of a paper bag.”

St. Francis Door

I’m giving Notebooks a good hard go. In combo with DEVONthink it is quite useful.

I’d rather be a blogger – Paul Jarvis

“So I went back to being a blogger (lowercase). I went back to focusing entirely on what is best for my small audience. I went back to sharing my personal and unique take on ideas, instead of what would get the most clicks from Twitter. I stopped writing for major publications and I even nuked my Medium account with 22k followers and millions of page views. I adopted a new mental model for content creation that focused entirely on what is best for my audience (if you’re reading this, that’s you!) and sharing with them.”

Here is a little something for those considering a move away from Evernote.

Link: DEVONthink and Notebooks: Alternatives to Evernote » The Appademic

I use DEVONthink and I am going to take a look at Notebooks.

Colin Kaepernick’s Christian Faith? - the way of improvement leads home

My mail toolbar, @joshuapsteele.

Just now it is breaking my heart to think about the church being so divided. If we had the mind of Christ, we would be unified.

Four stages of bloom


It’s always funny to me when people make fun of Apple.

There is a wonderful relief in discovering that I am not God’s press secretary in my world. I am simply to faithfully follow where God leads, as best as I can understand and execute.


I’m not looking to replace my iPhone X, but I am always interested to see what direction Apple is taking.

Carol has a pot of chili simmering on the stove while I’m working. The smell is making me eager for lunch. In fact, I am probably at least as excited about that as for the Apple event.


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